Online presence. Landingpages and microsites - a virtual space in the world wide web. From concept to design. From strategy to functionality. With focus on interface, UI & UX - and responsive design.

the baristaroom

Coffee, coaching & consulting - web presence for the baristaroom, the mobile coffee and barcatering in Berlin.

CLIENT: Stephan Marczak 2020 I in progress


Homepage for the flying emergency service ITH-Schwerin, the rescue helicopters for emergencies and long distances.

Client: ITH-Schwerin 2016

Ziska Graphics

Webpresence and showroom for ziska graphics - graphic design, art direction, editorial design, illustration & more.

Client: Franziska Neugebauer 2015 I www.ziska.graphics


Webpage for the documentary film Undune, a movie about terra preta toilets, material cycles, a mars mission and the ground under our feets.

CLIENT: Dennis Rätzel 2014 I www.undune.de

petit cake

Landingpage for petit cake, the little bakery product for quick breaks.

CLIENT: petit cake 2013

K&K Steuerbüro

Website of K&K Steuergesellschaft, the tax office for individual solutions in all tax matters.

CLIENT: K&K Steuergesellschaft 2012 I www.kuk-steuer.de

Silvester in Berlin

Website relaunch & landingpage for the Sylvester-accommodations "Willkommen 2012" in Berlin.

AGENCY: KIT Group 2011

Giant Monkey

Website for the full-service agency Giant Monkey, web- and business solutions through its flexible software development.

CLIENT: Giant Monkey 2014 I www.giantmonkey.de

freeze & cut

Webportfolio for the photographer & graphic artist Julius Höhne from Berlin.

CLIENT: Julius Höhne 2009 I www.freezeandcut.de